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Hey, how are you?

written by PerfectlyOpinionated June 15, 2019
Hey, how are you?

“Hey, how are you?”, seems simple enough, right?  But take a moment to think about those words.  In some scenarios, these words are a friendly exchange mumbled between two strangers who have made eye contact and continue on with their lives.  Sometimes, this is an opening line for two strangers to begin a conversation.  While other times this is a greeting between two friends who haven’t spoken in a few days.

While this simple phrase has various intentions behind it – what’s the intention when it comes to online dating?

Wait. Let’s take it a step further.  If a female were sitting at the bar and a man came up offering a “hello, my name is Jack, how are you this evening?”, I think most women would be floored by a man taking the lead, with a genuine opening to a conversation.  He would be polite and confident – which is a huge contrast from the typical approach of most men at a bar.

Now, back to online dating.  When the conversation starts with a “hi, how are you” or even worse, “hi, hru” – the conversation is already at a stalemate.  Where does a potential conversation go from here?

M: Hi, how are you?

F: I’m fine. How are you?


Cricket. cricket.

Can we be so bold as to open a conversation with a genuine connection rather than the two strangers passing by in a supermarket?

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